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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: The War Academy The War Academy   Добавлено: Пн Dec 10, 2012 12:25   Тeмa: Eador tactics. Base and advanced tactics of playing.

It's not worth to skip turns to an empty move by the main hero.

This was my first real mistake playing the game - I felt it would be like heroes, where it is okay to grab a few stray resources if they are already in your path... Embarassed It definitely is a game that keeps you on your toes. Inaction is practically death in Eador. And thank you for letting me quote you!

A question for players + newcomers from the English-speaking 'verse. I want to do a spell/creature writeup, but don't want to spoil the surprise too much for new players. Should I create separate threads for those when I feel comfortable enough to give good advice? Naturally, I'll still want feeback/corrections/etc on them. Very Happy

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: The Capitol The Capitol   Добавлено: Пн Dec 10, 2012 12:12   Тeмa: Impressions of "Eador. The Genesis" game

Nelway - You summed up everything that is great about Eador in a nutshell. I can't second your opinions strongly enough. Cool Welcome, and if you ever need some help - or want to contribute to the growing strategy FAQ - stop on by the War Academy if you haven't already!

Ankelesh - I only hope those players become modders eventually, instead of just asking for new stuff...

Monkeyfinger - Thanks for the fresh news. Looking forward to hearing your impressions!
 ζ Тема ζ: Newcomers questions

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: The Capitol The Capitol   Добавлено: Пн Dec 10, 2012 12:03   Тeмa: Newcomers questions

Eugene is right - the game is one of momentum. I think a good newbie tip I'll add to the general FAQ is - never remain idle! There is always something to do, even if it is 'only' exploring a province.
 ζ Тема ζ: Old Translation Thread

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: The Guild of Craftsmen The Guild of Craftsmen   Добавлено: Пн Dec 10, 2012 11:59   Тeмa: Old Translation Thread

Pleasure to meet you formally - guess I should do the same!

The name is Irving and I go here by мечтатель!
I've done some localization work for friends Europa Universalis mods' but this would be my first real work, and there is quite a lot of it here. What I have done is writing for both fiction and non-fiction sources; I'll be doing my best to work with the translators, localizers, editors, and whomever else shows up to ensure we have a unified feel that captures the essential 'flavor' of the original. It will be a long road, but I couldn't ask for finer and more stalwart companions. =)

... And unlike Necrus888, I am a bad man. I drink too much coffee, and even stay awake for long periods of time... On work nights! Twisted Evil
 ζ Тема ζ: Notebook compatibility

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: The Great Forge The Great Forge   Добавлено: Сб Dec 08, 2012 16:04   Тeмa: Notebook compatibility

You should be able to get DxWnd here. I don't know how it'll look on a smaller monitor, but report back to us with how things go. Good luck!
 ζ Тема ζ: Newcomers questions

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: The Capitol The Capitol   Добавлено: Сб Dec 08, 2012 15:56   Тeмa: Newcomers questions

Fenixp - My first two shards I felt the same way until I realized what was going on; it isn't the AI roadblocking you, it is the fact their garrisons are grossly overpowered given the average units you'll be throwing together at that stage of the game. The solution is to create a mobile wall around them, slowly fortifying provinces with garrisons, installing units in said garrisons, and perhaps having a storehouse or two for your warrior or scout heroes. You won't be able to take their provinces very easily, but then again, neither will they. Eventually the enemy will grow weak or mismanage a province and replace the guard with something weaker/face a revolt. In that case, swoop in! Repeat the process, and you should slowly have no provinces to explore this way until finally you are sitting on the enemy castle, just waiting and finishing your exploration of the rest of the world. =)

This actually gets better/easier after your first several shard, as some other opponents you meet are less likely to throw good garrisons together at game start. My first two 'skilled' opponents actually used only militia for most of their defenses, while previously I'd been fighting for every scrap of land with garrisons of sharpshooters. The change was... Pleasant. Twisted Evil If that doesn't solve your problem however, try playing a few 'free' games outside of the campaign, with either a hotseat set for two or more, with all other player skipping their turns as Dark suggested - or even with AI at beginner setting. You'll see more buildings and units more quickly than in the campaign, but then you'll also have the freedom to explore more easily. The campaign is like a giant tutorial, a story unfolding, and a way to introduce new buildings/units all at once. But if you prefer to explore at your own pace, scenarios might be more to your liking.

And now, a quick question from me - anyway to add custom in-game portraits for profile choice?

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: The Capitol The Capitol   Добавлено: Сб Dec 08, 2012 15:47   Тeмa: Impressions of "Eador. The Genesis" game

Hey there, Fenixp! I feel the same way; this game just kind of keeps on surprising you, doesn't it? I think Eador has that rare spirit of adventure that makes everything feel like stepping into the unknown - but I digress. To add my two cents, I'm at about my twelfth shard - and have rushed through some of my conquests, while taking my time to explore others. Both options seem equally valid to me; but I think the benefit of waiting to explore larger, later-game shards is that your likelihood of finding the coolest stuff drastically increases. HerrHolkin pointed out how the enemey composition grows - I for one like the chance of fighting, and more importantly recruiting, these folks. But you know?

There's no downside to taking your time, not at all. For one, just exploring the world and seeing what new events crop up each shard before finally moving on, is a joy in and of itself. Another thing about this game I like - even though I sometimes only have an hour or so to play it, it is very much the sort of game you can play, have a cup of tea and coffee to think over, and return later with a fresh strategy and desire to explore.

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: The War Academy The War Academy   Добавлено: Сб Dec 08, 2012 15:33   Тeмa: Eador tactics. Base and advanced tactics of playing.

Osiris - Cool username + Avatar! Barring my missing of the Snipers' role in multiplayer, how was the rest of my advice? Is pathfinding as good as I make it out to be? It just seems amazingly efficient for the investment, even if you only take it up to level three. As for the commander - you are quite right, what I should have said is that both commander and wizard can be challenging in the early maps; I just know most players new to the game might be confused why they don't have (as) good troops or spells as they feel they should have - if I were talking to a player completely new to strategy games, I'd stick to the first two classes until shard five or so.

Also, that spell list is very solid, though that's free different altars to build on average - mind if I edit my main post and place that list there, crediting you?

Adrageron - My pleasure. I love this game, the community seems awesome so far - I'm hoping to chip in as much as possible, and hopefully have stuff that is amusing to read as well. Thank you for the honorable title! I can feel my morale increasing already! Cool I hope we can see many more reviews in the English-speaking community, and have the word spread as far as it can.

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: Theater. Театр Архивчик НГ   Добавлено: Пт Dec 07, 2012 12:51   Тeмa: Мод - Новые горизонты (ОСНОВНАЯ ТЕМА)

Xaxaxa! Мы такие же, то. Мы просто будем продолжать пытаться - говорю о...

Как я только я закончу основную игру, я постараю это! =)

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: Theater. Театр Архивчик НГ   Добавлено: Пт Dec 07, 2012 12:09   Тeмa: Мод - Новые горизонты (ОСНОВНАЯ ТЕМА)

Добро пожаловать! На уровне детского сада. Embarassed С помощью моего друга 'Гоогль' и подруга 'Словаря'. =P

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: Theater. Театр Архивчик НГ   Добавлено: Пт Dec 07, 2012 11:59   Тeмa: Мод - Новые горизонты (ОСНОВНАЯ ТЕМА)

Нежить и демоны?! Звучит фантастически. Теперь, если только там было коррумпированной Гайи... зло друидов! Кровь жертвы! Повреждены дриады! я может быть Xаотическим, тоже. Cool

Выглядит здорово, хотя. Хорошая работа!

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: The Chaos Gates The Chaos Gates   Добавлено: Пт Dec 07, 2012 11:44   Тeмa: What started your interest in fantasy games?

For those other players who found Eador through English... What got you into fantastical, turn-based strategic, or roleplaying games in the first place? I think the very first for me were the wonderful New World Computing Might and Magic series. Both the dungeon-crawler and the heroes games were just the best. And besides reading a lot, it was how I killed my afternoon back in the day. The very moment I saw the art preview and the press release on gog I knew this was a game I had to try. Well, how about you?

Bonus question - Order or Chaos? I will also accept "Neither!" or some other answer, because why not? =)

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: The War Academy The War Academy   Добавлено: Пт Dec 07, 2012 11:39   Тeмa: Eador tactics. Base and advanced tactics of playing.

After roughly a day mysteriously absent from work playing this wonderful game and failing horribly a few times, I finally thinking I'm starting to get the basics together. If another player or players want to point out some errors in my train of thought/strategies, please do not hesitate to suggest an alternative route or a better way of doing things. That being said...

Find yourself traveling to the past with worrying frequency?

Want to be friends with some Immortals, but they just don't like you?

... So much that they steal the lovely shards you've been coveting with their superior equipment?

Need a longer, more firmly secure landbridge between your capitol and buffer zones?

Look no further - just this once, I, мечтатель* shall help you help yourselves!

Day One: Hero Overview: Which heroes should a new player hire first?

This is a good question, and one of the first most players to a TBS in this vein find themselves asking. In most TBS, it really doesn't matter; and the same is true to a degree in Eador. If you like the way a hero description sounds or their playstyle sounds, don't take a word otherwise - give them a try! Just don't fear failure or a hard road, and keep practicing until no power in the 'verse can stop you. If you're asking me which I'd recommend, let's go from them roughly in order they appear - which conveniently, is what I would consider 'easiest' to 'hardest' for a new player.

Warrior: Relatively cheap to support after getting a few levels on them, just throw some healers and/or ranged support and you have a quick, tough, province-conquering machine! All the money you save on not buying troops is a nice bonus, and one you'll need to pump up your economy as though it doesn't appear so at first, Warriors are expensive. You'll probably be moving quickly as a Warrior for your primary hero, which means unexplored provinces unless you have some truly dedicated support - and your provinces will generally need to be garrisoned to prevent revolts and well-stocked with storehouses to replace the weapons and armor you will break every third battle when your warrior chops through everything. Though you may be tempted to make one of your first purchases be heavy armor, I would prioritize chainmail as a fast warrior can get to the melee or more advantageous terrain more quickly. Skill-wise, I would consider emphasizing Constitution, Precise Strike, and Speed in roughly that order. The regen bonus from Constitution is pivotal as is the stamina it provides. Precision strike helps you matter against armored opponents but more importantly gets you round-attack, which can be a deal-breaker in sieges. Speed is decent, and fantastic at levels three and five, as each gives you another point of mobility to play around with on the tactical view. Feel free to throw points in other skills or specialize; it's hard to build an ineffective warrior; just know that the above is guaranteed to work well on small maps.

On anything larger than average however, you will find yourself more dependent on troops to aid in siege, and the blacksmith skill both for income and more importantly for preventing your gear from turning into useless dust. The Warrior will still be fantastic - but it is on those larger maps where they become more of a mobile infantry, liberating provinces from their defenders while your slow, heavy artillery heroes - the Commander and Wizard - arrive to secure the area. Alignment roleplaying tips; I tend to think of goodly Warriors as boisterous barbarians, and chaotic ones as being blood-obsessed to the point of madness. For either, please strongly considering yelling KROOOOOM whenever you score a mighty victory. It may or may not please the RNG.

Advantages: Low initial cost, highly effective against non-entrenched units and later powerful enough to travel on own and be so terrifying as to cause lesser garrisons to flee entirely. With good equipment and supply, a powerful leader even late game.
Challenges: High support cost [equipment, garrisoning occupied provinces, economic support geared for war], less effective at 'soloing' maps that are larger than average. Useful more as a sort of mini-army in and of themselves.

Scout: Similar to a ranged warrior, with all the benefits and challenges that implies, the scout is a versatile unit whom is strong both on and off the battlefield. Most of the scouts' skills have dual purpose. Scouting itself is more useful for the pre-battle attack then the exploration bonus, as from my experience [someone please correct me on this] you have to find every. single. hidden. explorable area before you can gain 100% exploration, and given that you can only discover one such area at a time... Barring that however, the scout can be built as a ranged death machine with high range due to skill choice, a province exploring and treasure finding machine, a silver-tongued negotiator - some diplomatic options of which will only be available to the scout! - or really whatever you can imagine. There is one skill however I would advise the scout to get however you plan to use them - Pathfinding. Not only does this give a small mobility advantage, which is useful enough on its own... It gives all your army the various terrain knowledge skills. At the highest possible tier of pathfinding, they will gain a huge battlefield bonus, even in swamp. This is a tactical blessing that alone makes a high-level scout very, very dangerous; as such, high-mobility units mixed with strong defenders should form the backbone of a scouts' army.

You will probably hire a scout no matter what map you happen to find yourself on; the ability to have someone in back exploring provinces for you to maximize income and find places of interest is quite nice. Again, I cannot be certain that there really is that much of a bonus for using a scout with scouting for such work - as you still seem to have spend turns going past goblin lairs you will probably have little time for... But a scout excels for that. That also means using a scout as your primary hero can be useful for turning your starting several provinces into a cityscape hub which will function as the commercial zone of your lands. Defend them well, and the scout can serve you well darting from one province to the next and sabotaging, bribing, or sniping their way to victory. Alignment roleplaying tips; Naturally, more ordered scouts are hunters, stalkers of game, and trailblazers. I view the more blood-thirsty wardens of chaos as hunting something more dangerous than even the most wild of beasts. I mean, poisoning the opponents watering supply pre-battle? That's pretty brutal(ly awesome).

Advantages: Highly adaptable, good at dealing damage, aiding troops, and exploring/sustaining provinces. Can usually find a role in either lead or support during a map. Who hasn't wanted to be a woodsman?
Challenges: Struggles to find survival/niche in the early and late games of most maps. Arrows breaking all the time is annoying. Multi-classing helps scouts find a role earlier, but weakens their core skills - and pathfinding.

Commander: A huge warning! You may notice the large bonuses commanders accrue to their troops and try using them early on in the campaign! Don't do this! Seriously, don't. The commander specializes in maps that allow your later game to supply them with powerful and rare troops; the earliest campaign maps are too fast and brutal and too creature-sparse to make the Commander anything more then average at best. All other heroes, from the Warrior to the Wizard, have abilities that will outshine the Commander on such maps. Don't let this stop you if you are determined to play - but then don't be surprised if you lose troops and your commander several times over...

Ah, the commander - a great hero and leader. Able to wear good gear and carry standards that inspire their legions, the commander is capable of taking poor units and making them great; and great units under the command of a commander will become unbreakable. The commander offers many choices and paths to their victory; do you choose to support your troops offensively, with strength and mobility? Or perhaps defense and ranged stopping power - or any admixture of strategies you can think of, including a skill that allows a quicker accrual of both experience for the commander and their army. These, as well as the logistics skill that reduce the cost of your vast armies will be lifesavers for the usual problems that expensive recruitment brings. It is advised to also prioritize at least a basic magical facility wherein the commander can acquire even weak magic bolts to help kill off enemies and further gain experience for themselves, or haste slower members of their army.

The problem comes that in the campaign, you are generally outclassed and the starting maps are small. Most players are likely to see both their and enemy commanders fall behind, useful as nothing more than a troop/siege ferry. This is too bad, because on larger maps where more is unlocked, the commander positively shines. The ability to take an already fantastic unit, such as a unicorn, and have it made roughly twenty percent cooler? That alone is worth the price of a good commander. And with strong units that won't die and be replaced as easily gaining experience, the bonuses the commander gives will stack with your long-lived veterans, giving you quite the squadron; mobile, effective, and flexible enough to 'counter' almost any other hero. Of course, this depends on an average or (preferably) larger map with more buildings unlocked; I would say to wait until at least rank two units are available before doing more than dabbling with a commander. Alignment roleplaying tips; Lawful good commanders are clearly great heroes, leaders of humanity (or x goodly species here) and tacticians, leading from the frontlines while agonizing over the death of their troops. Chaotic commanders laugh, fight, and kill with their troops - having great popularity but caring little for the death of those that rally to their battle flag.

Osiris gave the following list , , , of spells. That is Astral Energy to restore stamina and add magic resistance, web for its ability to help control dangerous units, bless and cure wounds for their general applications, magic armor as a stopgap defense measure, and magic weapon is useful both as an attack increase and to deal with weapon-resistant creatures. Though buying the scrolls/guilds necessary for this might be a bit of a detour from getting pikemen, it will make your early-game commander much more versatile, and help give the troops the extra edge they need!

Advantages: On larger maps with strong troops, perhaps the most versatile and overall strong hero. Can be used to shore up troop weakness, or play to troop strengths. Battle standards look awesome. Gives off kind of an Alexander Nevsky vibe.
Challenges: On smaller maps or maps with only low-hp units, troops die too often to become true killing machines. Largely ineffective without a good army, even while dualclassed.

Wizard: The very first hero I wanted to play! Of course, I was originally planning to play a corrupt druid and worshiper of nature at its cruelest - but like the commander above, the wizard has the disadvantage of largely being limited by available spells. While the warrior or scout have attacks that will keep increasing regardless, there are caps to the spellpower tier... and wand-combat just doesn't seem worth the effort to my mind. However, with either a strong set of magical guilds/altars, or rare spell scrolls? The wizard is largely capable of taking on entire armies with little to no backup support besides several meatshields - ah, expendable and important units. Necromancers can raise the dead wherever they go, having an essentially endless army that costs little in support. Demonologists or Sorcerers can summon units to the battlefield for that extra punch. Combat mages can crush the opponent with fire, boulders and ice, or buffer an entire army; and the greatest of healers... Well, basically whatever you do with wizards is golden, so long as you have the spells and gem income to do so.

And while almost all of the other classes mentioned can safely ignore gem income, the wizard will find themselves shackled by it. Long gone will be the days of watching gems lazily stack up and using them for positive choices in random events; you will be constantly wondering whether to use them or to hold onto them - a hard choice to make, but that which I expected and assumed the wizard to be my favorite hero class... And rightly so at that! If you enjoy a battle where you stop midway, grab a cup of coffee or tea for a good think, then cackle maniacally as the answer comes to you and you decimate your enemy... The wizard is the class for you. Alignment roleplaying tips; Goodly wizards are workers of magic, high priest of goodly deities, hedge-wizards and schmendrick-types turned genuine sorcerers, and wise guides. Wizards of Chaos may be those druids who wait for natures wrath, insane dreamers of dead gods, mad cultists and daemoniacs, or necromancers with ambitions of eternity - and more.

Advantages: Can use mostly cheap troops/blockers in combat, low unit costs. Highly flexible, and with spell selection at its peak, almost unstoppable. C'mon, its a wizard! Who hasn't wanted to be one?
Challenges: Has a very hard time getting a groove going on smaller maps - has to be protected and looked after until around level five or so. Every single one looks like some old guy with a beard - but the beard [i]is
pretty cool.

Day Two: Buildings: Help, help I suddenly the economy

So, you've just met another immortal and smugly feel it is time to press the attack and - discordant many-sided wheel of chaos! Why do they have such powerful province guards! I set everything to beginner! Take mercy on me, oh great local lord! In the campaign mode, hero death is bad - but a weak economy is far, far worse. When I first started playing, I reverted every stupid death my heroes died - but that didn't fix the problem of not knowing what buildings to build and when I could/should build them. Since you may unlock buildings at a different rate, this will instead be a general guide to making your economy strong enough to support your heroes - whomever they may be.

- Prioritize economics, especially in your 'home' or 'core' region, the urban area surrounding your capitol. Try to get the provinces fully explored on larger maps, and build economic-enhancing/happiness building in said provinces as soon as possible. You can expand this ring in an outer circle or towards a map edge if you are certain no enemy will come and grab those rich, newly-developed provinces.

- Province defense is very useful... But only to calm the population/have beneficial economic events and protect against random events. Most enemy heroes will steamroll through your province guards, and you will find that other immortals general have access to guards that you will not have for several maps. A good way to defeat those guards if you are having trouble with them is to use a scout to bribe non-fortress protected/incorruptible guards. Understand that many of your toughest early game battles will not just be with other lords... But provincial garrisons, and prepare accordingly.

- Being evil sucks. I was saddened to find this from a roleplaying perspective, but happy from a game design perspective. The short-term bonii from evil and selfish actions generally is great... until a few turns down the road, when corruption, economic drain, or other factors come in. This and the fact that 'evil' troops are just generally inferior to goodly troops (generally, with some very noticeable exceptions) means that an actively evil player will either have to move quickly, or rely on a powerful wizard or commander to make their cheaper, less-armored troops more effective.

- Goodly units are strong... But a real drain on the economy. If you are playing a goody-two-shoes type, try to secure wood, iron, and horses as swiftly as possible. Rare resources are nice, but a bonus on the tin as it were. It is something indeed to see the cost of a swordsman slashed by roughly half its weight in gold. Even still, the upkeep on goodly units is also pretty harsh; and they tend to be heavier armored and slower, barring creatures and spiritual beings. If you are going for good, keep a reserve on hand AT ALL TIMES. More on that later.

- Keep your road network up! Try to keep a line of stables from all provinces you plan to attack from. That way, a commander laden with dwarves, pikemen, or other slow units can make their way forward relatively uninhibited. This doesn't need to be built in every province, but granaries are quite useful in provinces you plan to develop. Try to plan ahead for such matters.

- Attack rich provinces first! You should try to get the 'ring' around your capitol secure within the first few days, regardless of map size. I give myself until the second game 'week' at the latest. But don't be afraid to spend time exploring at home or fighting weak monsters to make your hero strong enough to do so! Keep an eye on the 'settlement type' listing on independent provinces. Free settlements will often accept bribes to join you, no fight necessary, and brigands/goblins/orcs can usually be taken by an inexperienced hero.

- In general, try to build towards a good militia/guard unit. Ideally, patrolmen or guards if you have them; anything that decreases unrest or better still, increases population mood + productivity. Know that none but the heaviest guards will do much against an enemy hero - they serve better as a deterrent and a 'bonus' for when your heroes are there... And a guard + a fort with a garrison makes a province highly defendable indeed. Remember to garrison your forts! Nothing is more embarrassing than losing a newly built outpost because you didn't throw a cheap militiaman into it!

- Try to make 'provincial walls' at chokepoints. These should possess garrisons, to resupply units and make the guard immune to bribes, storehouses for repair and purchase, and either stables or libraries. These will save your life should your heroes need to refuel mid-journey or you find a fantastic piece of equipment you need a hero to be able to have access to.

- All other things constant +income. +income always. The most important thing in the world of Eador is +income.

- Always stay moving! Your main hero, or 'superhero' in classic terms, should always be fighting or doing something. Eador is a game of momentum - if you are taking too long to rest or recover, the balance swings towards players who are doing more. By gaining gold and gems from battles and quests, you can afford to quickly by a secondary hero to serve as a scout, garrison, or secondary superhero; depending on your needs.

- Don't rest on your laurels; winning does not always mean that you will stay winning in Eador. Corruption and negative events can occur that will quickly help a canny opponent turn the table. Stay observant, and flip the chessboard around; try to find a way to use an in-advantageous position to help yourself, or hinder your enemy.

Day Three: Diplomacy: Order and Chaos; or, no, they never really picked me for sports either

So, you are doing well. You've secured a few shards - or lost some, but learned to realize that is acceptable. You've met a few immortals, and know how you want your playthrough to go... But there is just one problem. It doesn't seem your prospective friends like you very much! In addition to one of the great themes of Eador - Order vs Chaos - each immortal has certain likes and dislikes. Many players are used to sending CPU opponents small bribes to earn their undying love. In Eador, that may backfire terribly, especially with those committed to the path of Order! Let us examine what those paths contain before all else.

Order - At its best, the forces of light and good, caring for all around them. At its worst, stasis and unchangingness. To pursue order - and especially to pursue goodness - you must be willing to sacrifice gold, gems, even your personal energy. You cannot simply mouth respect to the ways of order and expect to get by. However, do not panic if you cannot supply roaming beggars with funds all the time, or accidentally indicate to your cronies that you plan to sacrifice the population instead of liberate them - mistakes like that, or the lack of option, happens from time to time - especially at an area start. Just make sure to quickly build up a buffer in every new shard, and redeem every mistep and misdeed with five better ones. It is a hard road to walk the Path of Order - and there are few rewards, at least visibly. But the happiness of your peoples, the development of your land, and those sweet, sweet +income event choices - ah, wait, where was I? Those who value order will likely be like-minded with you, so long as you respect them and their peoples.

Chaos - At its best, the forces of freedom and change, protecting the right of self and wildness. At its worst, uncaring lunacy. To pursue chaos is simple enough; think in the short term, and just do what you like. Province annoying you? Raze it to the ground. Troops opposed to the razing? Kill them and enlist them into your legion of the dead. The dead inefficient fighters? Supplement your troop with demons and madmen! Ia! Ia! Unfortunately, such a strategy is as challenging as it is fun, for while the challenge of Order is rising to the task, the challenge of Chaos is that most of the choices you make will randomly come back to haunt you. Decreased income (sob), population anger and constant rebellion, having troops more armored in madness then, er, armor, is a major problem when fighting the orderly and unified forces of Order. And of course, free-minded individuals are less likely to like you even if you walk the same path! Consider the opinions of others; their goals and self-desires, and their allies and enemies. Bribe, cajole, threaten, and otherwise so that you are striving for the same things - or not a threat... Or *are* a threat..! And others of those who follow Chaos will come to respect you.

Most importantly - have fun. Despite having the alignment system I've enjoyed most since the Shin Megami Tensei games, remember it is truly okay for a Chaotic player to 'accidentally' rebuild the entire burnt-down for the benefit of the two still-living villagers still there. It is okay for your goodly mage to not have enough funds, snap, and shoo the beggars out of your castle. It is okay for your hero to die, and for you to not rewind time, but wait a few turns and try again - it is even okay to lose a shard or two. Laugh, smile, and study your errors... And your successes. I am sure that you shall grown strong. I'll see you on the flipside - hope my advice helped! Your old friend,


*It is pronounched Mech'tateyl, or Ivanushka on a rainy day. Laughing [/i]

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: The Capitol The Capitol   Добавлено: Пт Dec 07, 2012 10:10   Тeмa: давайте приключения!

Thank you, Ankelesh and NecRus888 for the warm welcomes! It's fantastic to be here, the only reason I haven't dropped in sooner is that I've been busy gathering more energy for my reserve, hehe.

Ankelesh - Ah, thank you. It is good to hear that. 3D is nice, but I have always been a fan of the hand-drawn feel. The fact that people have the choice is pretty cool, though!

NecRus - And thank you for linking here from review via gog! I would never have found this site otherwise. I'll do my part to spread the word, wahah!

But uh, I posted this intro in the wrong section, didn't I? Whoops!

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Сообщениеζ Фopум ζ: The Capitol The Capitol   Добавлено: Ср Dec 05, 2012 14:43   Тeмa: давайте приключения!

Hello there - I guess I'm probably the first of the English-speaking audience.* When I saw it on GoG though; it was like coming home. This is the first game I have played since Heroes of Might and Magic 2 that has such color and life to it; it is as fun as it is funny, and the willingness to take itself lightly is also a major plus. As for me, well - I have a bad tendency to say things and then vanish - and then appear months later as if I never had. Laughing It doesn't mean anything besides the fact that working is about as fun and engaging as you could imagine. Anyway. I would be glad to ramble on a bit if there is any desire to hear a more in-depth review; but to be warned, it'll be mostly be being very positive and talking about how awesome everything is!

I understand there's a sequel. I'm scared by the 3D but if it will help get the game a wider audience then there is nothing to be done; I wish all the best and will certainly add my cash reserves to the goal of making this project spread to as many shards as possible. Cool It is a pleasure to meet all of you! All the best!

*Я русского происхождения. У меня нет кириллицы с клавиатуры. Я тоже не говорю на русском. Терпеть мои ошибки, пожалуйста! Embarassed
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